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Protecting Hair During The Night|Tips

You are probably doing everything right with your natural hair regimen during the day. Whether it is oiling, shampooing or conditioning even after trying all the tips and tricks related to protecting hair, clients often complain of frizzy, unmanageable and damaged hair. Bad protecting hair days are a nightmare for anyone and no matter how well you care for your care in the day time, having a fixed ‘good night’ regimen for your hair is also equally important to build and conserve the strength of your locks. Theoretically, your hair spends a significant portion of their nightly time squashed under the weight of your head. As a result of this, you may notice significant hair tangling, breakage, and dullness in your hair. Bear in mind that your seven-hour peaceful sleep can cause havoc to your hair if you don’t follow a proper hair routine at night.

Some of the best hair color stylists swear by protecting hair routine to make sure that their client’s hair stays natural and shiny even after color treatments.

Here are Chez Alvi top four tips to a smooth, manageable head and protecting hair during the night:

  • Just like your skin and body, hair too loses its moisture following seven-hour dehydration. Unmanageable dull and lifeless hair is a manifestation of dehydration. So protecting hair is important. Make sure that you drink adequate water throughout the day. Especially add a glass of water before sleeping to your diet. You can also keep a glass of water beside your bedside and gulp it down if you happen to wake up at night.
  • In addition to drinking an adequate amount of water, you can use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner for your hair. Especially if your hair is curly, either with a spritz of water or with a leave-in conditioner, make sure to seal in the moisture.
  • Tying your hair in a tight bun while sleeping causes a lot of damage and breakage. If you sport a braid or bun, take time to rebraid or re-bun after detangling and combing your hair. If you are one who likes to maintain a natural look, try the pineapple hair tying technique to ensure that your hair has natural curls. To preserve your stretched style, you can also tie your hair loosely with a scarf. In this way, you can be protecting hair during the night.
  • Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcases can reduce frizz considerably. This is because silk and satin are natural fibers and cause very little friction between the hair strands. Alternatively, you can also tie a silk or satin scarf around your head and protecting hair from abrasion and overnight dryness.

Choose Your Partner

It is important to realize that hair care routines vary from person to person, depending on the level of damage, hair type, length, etc. It is best to rely on the advice and guidance of professionals like Chez Alvi to understand the best hair care routine for protecting hair from damage and frizz. You can call us at (718) 204-2300 for more advanced tips.

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Latest Hair Color Trends And Ideas From Chez Alvi

As you search through the latest hair color trends, you may have several choices in mind. Do you go for a contemporary style? Or would you prefer something traditional that never goes out of fashion? It all depends on your personal taste and preference. Either way, your hairstylist can help you find the perfect color that suits your personality.

If you are ready to change your hair color, Chez Alvi Hair Salon recommends the latest hair color trends and ideas to serve as inspiration:

1. Blonde

Are you ready to go blonde? Due to its versatility, this popular option is always near the top of the latest hair color trends. You will have plenty of choices when deciding on the specific shade of blonde hair color. A good rule of thumb is to always remain within two shades of your natural hair color. It’s equally important to make sure the blonde shade complements your skin tone and eye color.

For those with natural medium or dark skin tones, the idea is to pick a darker shade of blonde. Both caramel blondes and chocolate blondes are trendy choices since these colors make your hair appear rich and luxurious. You will also look great in a brownish blonde color. If you want to try something a little different, a cherry blonde color is an unexpected yet appealing choice.

Alternatively, you can opt for the lighter shades of blonde. Summer blondes and butterfly blondes are trendy colors that have never gone out of fashion. The silver-blonde is another interesting color, ideal for women with natural grey hair. It should be accompanied by some honey tones, especially among those with a dark complexion. It’s one of the perfect hair color trends for those who want to make a striking impression.

2. Brunette

Essentially, brunette hair color refers to the different shades of brown, ranging from light brown, chocolate, chestnut, and everything else in between. This traditional hair color looks classy and elegant on most women, so it’s a very common inclusion on the latest hair color trends.

The most popular brunette hair color trends have been listed as the warm, cool and natural tone. Based on your preference, you can choose between the coffee latte color, chocolate brown, or the caramel copper brown.

3. Mushroom Brown

This is one of the neutral hair color trends, which contains a variety of calm brown shades and grey, just like mushrooms. It’s created by applying a couple of lowlights and highlights on top of an ash-brown base, which enhances the multidimensional look. The base also allows you to conceal your grey hair, in case that’s one of your concerns.

4. Black

Black hair is one of the simplest hair color trends s dating from centuries ago, but it remains a strong favorite in hair salons everywhere. No matter how you choose to wear it, it goes well with all types of skin complexions and eye colors. You are bound to look elegant and effortlessly chic when you dye your hair black.

5. Red

If you have natural red hair, there are ways you can use that to your advantage and look even more stunning. You can go for the dark base accompanied by red tones, which transitions into a warm orange color that gets lighter as you draw closer to the end of the hair strand. On the other hand, you could also go for the more dynamic hairstyles where the hair starts off dull red in color and gradually progresses into a light copper color.

6. Rich Copper

The rich copper has been growing in popularity in the latest hair color trends, especially for women with natural red hair. This trendy color makes use of the balayage system. The hair is usually dim-red at the root and goes on to mix into a lighter coppery tone, bit after bit. If you are adventurous, this lively color is just what you need.

7. Purple

Purple hair is considered an outstanding hair color for those with bold and exciting personalities. The lilac purple shade is a favorite among youthful women, but there are several other creative ways that you can wear purple hair. For example, the hair can be dark at the roots and begin to mix into purple continuously, while including a warm blonde at the end of the hair strand.

Find Your Partner

If you are looking for a salon that has a diverse roster of talent, is warm, welcoming with well-trained stylists, consider Chez Alvi. Call us at (718) 204-2300 for hair treatments, or for other hair services. We always work with high-quality products and a very qualified team.

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