Eyebrows are an important factor in making your face look more symmetrical and with the latest trends, it is what you most show mostly. Below we are giving some tips on how to keep a good shape of your brow and what style of eyes brows to choose 

3 golden rules of eyes brows shaping:

1- Your eyebrow should be as close as your nose bones. Use a pencil to make the starting line.

2- The arch of your eyebrow should stay beyond the two/thirds of your eyebrow length. So it won’t look like a rainbow arch

3-create an imaginary line between your eye and the corner of your nose. The eyebrow goes as long as it touches the line. You can also lift a bit the tail to get a younger look. Try avoiding the droopy look of your brows.

Basic Tips to Eyes Brows

  • Begin with a clean and dry eyebrow. 
  • Choose your eyebrow pencil the same shade of your brows. If your eyebrows are too light, go one or two shades stronger than your eyebrows
  • When coloring your eyebrow, start with a smooth shadow first, don’t tape much. This way you keep your eyebrow natural first and then you can decide how hard you go.
  • Fill in the shape if you have fewer brows in some spots
  • If you are using brow gel, make sure you brush it through the brow, just like you apply mascara.
  • Use Brow highlighter to make your brows look better


Choose the eyes brows shape that best fits your face.

A square face 

For a square shape, you would like to go with a softly rounded brow. You won’t look to harsh but it will complement your face shape.

Round Face 

A round face needs more arched brows that the square shape, but don’t over-arch! Keep your ankles as high as possible without overlining.

Long Face

Well, a long face needs extended tails. A horizontal look will give your long face the illusion of a more stretched shape.

Heart face

If you have a heart-shaped face then your brows best support the trend of bold brows. Draw a jawline across your brows with much emphasis on the upper part of the brow. Your face needs a well-manicured and groomed eyebrow. Do not leave it too thin and do not choose a bushy shape.

Oval face

Oval faces are the ones that look better on a soft angled eyebrow shape. The oval shape naturally has an angle that rises and then goes in a round curve at the top and down.